YouTube Launches its Super Bowl Ad Showcase for 2023

With Super Bowl LVII fast approaching, YouTube has today launched its AdBlitz hub, which is where it will host all of the Super Bowl ads and promotions, providing easier insight into how different brands are approaching their campaigns.

YouTube AdBlitz 2023

As per YouTube:

As with previous years, AdBlitz continues to provide viewers with a central destination to watch and share the year’s biggest ads before, during and after the game. The way we consume content continues to become more dynamic as viewers shift away from linear TV into streaming. This is most evident with the biggest moments of the year like the Super Bowl. According to comScore, last year, during Super Bowl LVI, YouTube reached 77% of adults with a Super Bowl ad vs. 72% on TV.

Indeed, YouTube’s popularity among younger audiences, in particular, has made it an essential consideration for expanded promotion, and its AdBlitz hub provides a powerful showcase, which not only enables more people to engage with all of the relevant activations, but also help brands expand their reach.

“Last year, Hyundai, the automotive company, ran a month-long AdBlitz campaign in the weeks leading up to and following the Big Game, generating more than 247 million impressions. In contrast to previous years when the brand invested heavily in TV ads throughout the game itself, Hyundai found success by going digital-first during the Super Bowl.

For marketers, AdBlitz provides a handy compilation of the latest ad approaches, from the biggest brands, which shows how they’re looking to tap into the latest trends and behaviors.

And while not every brand can afford Hollywood movie-type budgets for their ad pushes, it can be a good way to learn what works, which could inspire your thinking – for your Super Bowl tie-in campaigns and beyond.

Or, it’s just a cool collection of some of the best promotions and campaigns.

You can check out YouTube’s updated AdBlitz hub, which already includes several 2023 promotions, and the top performers from last year, here.

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