YouTube Adds Video Processing Time Indicators, More Info Panels for Data Stories

YouTube’s adding a new element in YouTube Studio to help you track how long it’ll take to process your uploaded videos in the app, while it’s also rolling out new Data Stories cards to provide more context on channel performance.

First off, on upload tracking – now, in YouTube Studio, you’ll be able to track how long it will take for your video to process in the app, with variable indicators for SD, HD and 4K.

 YouTube upload indicators

As explained by YouTube:

“You can now hover over the icons in the bar at the bottom of the upload dialog to see more details about the processing status and estimated time to complete. How long processing takes depends on several factors, [including] video format, video length, frame rate, or quality.”

Once the lowest level of processes is complete, you’ll be able to publish your clip, but now, you’ll also be able to track upload time for all formats, which could be helpful in your planning.

YouTube says that the new display will be available to all creators by the end of this week.

YouTube’s also adding new Data Stories panels which will provide more quick context into channel performance.

YouTube initially launched Data Stories back in October, which presents key channel data insights, like audience reach and retention stats for your channel over the past week, in a swipeable, full-screen display.

 YouTube Data Story

Now, YouTube’s adding more quick insights to the displayed data:

We’re expanding the Data Stories experiment to include a weekly recap highlighting number of vlogs, Live, Shorts and posts published, how many viewers tuned in, percentage of new or returning traffic, key drivers of traffic to the channel (including videos or search terms), weekly revenue, and a quiz to make staying up to date on your channel more engaging and fun.”

 YouTube Data Stories

The panels provide a quick and easy way to stay on top of key channel metrics, and they might even uncover something that you hadn’t considered, or hadn’t been watching in your own channel analysis.

It’s not a major change, but having more up front reminders like this could be handy, and beneficial for your strategy.

YouTube says that these new insight panels are now available to a small percentage of users, and will be expanded based on initial feedback and response.

YouTube’s also clarified the language in its overview of Educational, Documentary, Scientific, and Artistic (EDSA) content exceptions, while it’s also expanding the ways in which you can purchase channel memberships as gifts.

No big changes from YouTube in its latest round of updates, but some potentially handy changes, which could be of benefit in your approach.

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