YouTube Adds More Shorts Performance Insights, Updated Chat Moderation Role

YouTube is adding some new metrics for Shorts, along with demographic data by upload format in YouTube Studio, as part of its latest feature update.

First up, on Shorts metrics – YouTube’s adding new ‘Shown in feed’ and ‘Viewed versus swiped away’ data within the YouTube Studio display for Shorts content.

YouTube Shorts metrics

The new metrics will provide more insight into how viewers find your Shorts content, and how they respond to it in-stream. Up till now, creators have been able to see impression rates for Shorts, but not the actual engagement, and these new insights will help to provide more understanding as to how your Shorts clips are grabbing viewers, or not.

The new metrics will be available to all shorts creators on Studio Web and Studio Mobile in advanced analytics, as well as in content level stats.

YouTube’s also adding new filters to display audience demographics by video format.

YouTube video demographics

As per YouTube:

“Prior to this, audience demographics could not be filtered by format in YouTube Analytics. We heard from creators that it can be very difficult to understand their audience as it can vary by format. With this launch, we’re introducing chips to filter demographics in the audience tab. The goal is to help creators optimize their content strategy.”

As you can see in the above image, you’ll now be able to filter each demographic display listing by content type, so you can glean more insight into who your Shorts are reaching, as opposed to your regular video uploads.

Finally, YouTube’s also launching a new moderator role with expanded moderation actions for live chat.

YouTube managing moderator

Creators will now be able to assign a new or existing moderator to the ‘Managing moderator’ within your channel settings. Managing moderators will be able to help with all aspects of moderation, providing another means to utilize assistance with your YouTube live streams.

On another front, YouTube’s also looking to expand YouTube Music to international creators soon, after recently opening it up to all US creators. Creator Music enables creators to use commercial tracks in their uploads, via a licensing fee – though some of the fees are, apparently, pretty steep.

These are relatively small tweaks, but each has its own purpose, and the more in-depth insights into Shorts performance could be particularly helpful, especially as Shorts usage continues to rise in the app.

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