Twitter Tests New ‘Highlights’ Tab on Profiles to Showcase Your Best Tweets

The updates keep coming at Twitter 2.0, with Elon Musk keen to keep rolling out tweaks and changes based on user feedback.

Which, with far fewer staff, means that there’s also a higher risk of these rollouts going awry, and causing outages and issues, that thorough testing would have mitigated before going live. But nevertheless, Twitter’s certainly shipping more changes – mostly small tweaks and pre-existing experiments that the previous Twitter management had held in testing. But it is moving, and Elon is certainly making things happen at the app.

Twitter’s latest update is a new Highlights tab on user profiles, where you’ll be able to showcase your best tweets.

 Twitter Highlights tab

As you can see in this example, the new Highlights tab will soon be added to your profile, while an extra option will also be added to the three dots menu on tweets to add that tweet to your Highlights

 Twitter Highlights tab

So you’ll have a new way to showcase your best tweets, which could be helpful for those looking to drive Subscriptions, by showcasing their best work in the app.

Though I’m not sure how effective it’ll be. Previous analysis has shown that the vast majority of Twitter interactions happen in feed, with few users actually tapping through to another users’ profile. But it could be another way to win over potential followers, and highlight how clever and great your tweets are.

The concept actually came from Musk’s friend Jason Calacanis, who’s also fashioned himself into an adviser of sorts for Twitter 2.0.

Elon’s certainly keen to create a safe space for himself and his friends, so it’s little surprise to see him make this a priority – though again, I suspect the actual usage value will minimal.

But it’s another element to consider, and maybe I’m underrating its potential for some users.

No word yet on a full rollout, but expect to see it live very soon.

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