Twitter Launches New ‘Brand Connect Playbook’ to Provide Guidance for Marketers

Looking for ways to give your Twitter marketing efforts a boost, and/or ensure that you’re maximizing your opportunities in the app?

This will help – Twitter has published a new, 45-page ‘Twitter Connect Playbook’, which is essentially a guide on how to utilize Twitter’s various ad formats and tools, including notes on the platform’s audience, key best practices, case study examples, and more.

As explained by Twitter:

There are so many things to consider when planning and running a successful social campaign – enough to fill an entire playbook, in fact. We’ve compiled our best data, learnings, and tips from our own marketers, customer success specialists, account managers, and creative team to create your one-stop shop for Twitter Ads success.”

You can download the full Twitter Connect Playbook here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements.

The guide begins with an overview of Twitter’s usage, and its key benefits for brand engagement, with a range of usage stats and notes to help guide your thinking.

Twitter Connect Playbook

Twitter then provides an overview of its various advertising elements, and where each fits into the traditional sales funnel approach.

Twitter Connect Playbook

The guide also provides in-depth usage insights on various aspects, including brand messaging, trends, and engagement around events.

Twitter Connect Playbook

Again, there’s a heap of examples and case study notes in each section, which provides more direct context as to how to apply these learnings within your own tweet strategy.

Twitter then provides a more detailed overview of its various ad options, and the specific benefits of each.

Twitter Connect Playbook

The last section of the guide looks at creative best practices, with a range of tips on how to improve your messaging, targeting, ad bidding, and more.

Twitter Connect Playbook

It’s a handy overview, with a heap of valuable notes, which could help to spark your thinking as to how to improve your Twitter marketing approach. And even if you’re confident that you know Twitter inside and out, and that you have a set process in place, it’s worth having a look through the guide, in case there’s something that you may have missed, or a new opportunity that may have arisen in the latest usage stats.

Definitely worth a look – you can download the full Twitter Connect Playbook here.

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