Twitter Adds New Stock Pricing Info to Cashtag Searches

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Amongst all the various happenings at Twitter, what with the rollout of Twitter Blue, the confusion around checkmarks, the rule changes, and retractions – amid all of that, this seems like an odd update.

Yes, now, when you see a cashtag in the app (like, say, $META), you’ll be able to get a pricing graph for that stock by tapping through on the tag link, which will be displayed above any tweets that also include that tag.

As noted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the pricing info is sourced via TradingView, giving you an up to the minute overview of the current stock price.

Who cares?

I don’t know. I can’t imagine stock traders were pushing to get this info added. And while it does add some interesting context to the surrounding tweet discussion, it doesn’t seem like it would have been a priority addition by any stretch.

But it’s there now – so if you wanted to search, say, $TSLA…

smm panel Tesla stock price

Okay, maybe don’t search that one, and definitely don’t tweet about it, lest you incur the Chief Twit’s wrath.

As noted, it’s an interesting addition, just seems to have been added at an odd time.

But, there it is, while Twitter also notes that it’ll look to expand its coverage of stock symbols in the coming months.

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