TikTok’s Testing a New Process to Help Musicians Maximize Exposure in App

TikTok’s experimenting with a new way to provide more exposure for musicians in the app, by giving users the capacity to create content based on their music to help amplify their in-app reach.

TikTok Work with Artists

As you can see in this example, shared by Jonah Manzano, some TikTok users are now seeing a new ‘Work with Artists’ option in their Creator Tools menu, which, when selected, takes you through the process of selecting a track and creating content based on that music.

Once you find a song that you like, you can choose a paid challenge, which will make you eligible for cash rewards based on engagement with the subsequent video that you create using that music.

TikTok Work with Artists

So if your video gets the most likes, based on the parameters of the proposed campaign in the listing, you can earn money for your promotional efforts, which provides another way for musicians to incentivize sharing of their work in-stream.

TikTok has become a key promotional platform for musicians, with the app now fueling many trends that spark major hits.

Indeed, many musicians have used TikTok fame as a springboard for their career, which has led to many more looking to emulate the same for their recordings.

With this in mind, the new ‘Work with Artists’ option seems to have good potential, providing an easy way for musicians to incentivize sharing, and promote their music in a more organic-feeling way.

It could help spark new viral music trends in the app, and get more people sharing the best tracks, which could then lead to significant opportunities for the artists. And with TikTok users responding to user-generated clips more so than direct promotions from labels, it may be the best way to go in promoting your music – while also giving regular users an opportunity to make money in-app.

We’ve asked TikTok for more information on the Work with Artists program and we’ll update this post if/when we hear back.

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