TikTok’s Testing a New Option to Help Facilitate More Brand Deals for Top Creators in the App

TikTok continues to develop new ways to facilitate band deals, and get creators paid, this time via a new element within its Creator Marketplace that will enable talent managers to assess the brand opportunities being offered to their clients.

As reported by TechCrunch, TikTok’s adding a new ‘Talent Manager’ element to Creator marketplace, where agents and representatives will be able to oversee brand deals for their clients.

TikTok talent manager

Through this new portal, agents will be able to manage all aspects of their clients’ listings, including any brand deals being offered through the marketplace app.

Agents won’t have access to the creators’ actual TikTok account, but the platform will enable them to manage how their talent is being displayed to brands, which could help to refine and improve their sponsored content pitch.

Which is another means for TikTok to get its top stars paid. Monetizing short-form video is more challenging than traditional video content, as you can’t add-in pre- and mid-roll ads for direct monetization of that content. Instead, TikTok is reliant on facilitating brand deals to help its top stars, or providing partial funding via its Creator Fund.

TikTok’s also working to add in more monetization options via eCommerce and in-stream shopping, but thus far, that hasn’t become a key earner in the app.

As such, facilitating brand deals, especially with the app’s biggest stars, is a key consideration, and with so many TikTok stars now becoming major celebrities, it makes sense to provide more ways to help manage these creators.

TikTok says that the new Talent Manager Portal element is currently in testing with selected agencies.

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