TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report

Over the last two years, fewer platforms have had more cultural influence than TikTok.

The short-form video app has sparked all new shifts in the interactive landscape, and has changed the way that people discover music, movies, creators, and everything in-between.

With this in mind, there’s arguably no platform better placed to predict future trends, and based on its internal insight, TikTok has today published its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ report, which looks at the key shifts that TikTok’s seeing, from a marketing perspective, within the broader scope of engagement across the app.

Which could be a big help in your planning – you can check out the full ‘What’s Next’ report here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

This time around, TikTok has split its marketing trend predictions into three categories:

  • Actionable Entertainment
  • Making Space for Joy
  • Community-Built Ideals

Actionable Entertainment relates to how brands communicate their promotions in the app – which, on TikTok, should be done in a more entertaining, platform-native way.

As per TikTok:

For brands, the most effective messages on TikTok are uplifting, funny and personalized, or entertaining their audiences. Brands can build on this entertainment value by using editing techniques like syncing sounds to transitions or adding text overlays – which are effective at keeping viewers’ attention.”

TikTok Whats Next 2023

So, keep your messaging in line with how people are using the app, as opposed to overt promotions. The more you’re able to align with usage behaviors, the better placed you’ll be to connect with the TikTok audience.

TikTok’s also included examples and actionable tips for each trend:

TikTok Whats Next 2023

Making Space for Joy, meanwhile, relates to how TikTok users are looking to celebrate life in the app, which brands should also look to lean into. 

TikTok Whats Next 2023

“Whether it’s the growth of meme culture – providing a language for people to bond over humor; people sharing wellbeing “life hacks” – every day strategies that empower people to make space for themselves whenever they need; or a creator highlighting how they reward themselves at any budget level, people are dedicating space and time for joy in the way the best suits them.”

TikTok says that creating content that helps people carve out joy for themselves, or provides such through humor, relaxation and relatable points of view, could be a great approach for brands in 2023.

Lastly, Community-Built Ideals underlines the importance of building community in the app, to maximize messaging resonance.

“TikTok is not a town hall meeting. It’s a collection of tiny clubs where people can find new ideas on how to explore their passions and live their lives. In fact, TikTok is 1.8x more likely to introduce people to new topics they didn’t know they liked compared to traditional social platforms. And as people seek out ways to break the status quo, they’ll look to peers and role models who demonstrate the confidence to live life the way they want to.”

TikTok Whats Next 2023

TikTok says that people are increasingly using the app to find answers to questions, and explore niche interests, and brands can lean into this by recognizing the value of these discussions, and feeding into those behaviors.

The overview here, overall, is pretty much in-line with previously noted TikTok advice – create native-looking content that’s focused on entertainment. TikTok hasn’t added a heap of new context, but there are some valuable pointers and tips to help guide your approach, if you’re looking to map out a better TikTok strategy.

And as the app continues to grow, more brands are doing just that. If you want to master TikTok, you should probably check out the full guide.

You can download TikTok’s full 2023 Trend Report here.

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