TikTok Publishes New Guide on the Effective Use of Audio for Marketing Campaigns

TikTok has changed approaches to video content, in various ways, as more and more people spend more time in the app, and locked into the never-ending stream of trending clips.

One of the key shifts in this respect has been the use of sound, and how TikTok users are, more often than not, consuming content with sound on, which, in the past, was not the case.

Most video platforms have advised that you should create videos for ‘sound off environments’, in order to maximize viewership potential, but TikTok actually advises the opposite.

Which also extends to brand use:

TikTok is an entertainment canvas where sound is always on – it sparks joy, creativity, and collaboration for over one billion people. And the integral factor of sound creates an opportunity to not only connect with your community, but to be felt and remembered. In fact, if a brand’s TikTok video features a song that is popular on the platform, 68% of users say they remember the brand better, and 62% say they’re more curious to learn about the brand.”

So not only does TikTok say that you should create with sound in mind, but that it’s actually a critical engagement element – which is the focus of TikTok’s latest guide for brands, which highlights how various campaigns have utilized sound to maximize their promotional resonance.

TikTok’s 12-page ‘The Power of Sound’ overview includes a range of brand case studies, highlighting how each has used audio aspects to boost their messaging.

TikTok audio guide

The guide looks at three different uses of sound:

  • Creator-made anthems – How brands can partner with emerging creators on trending sounds, which are essentially custom built for the TikTok audience
  • ASMR – using satisfying sounds and effects to maximize engagement
  • The New Narrators – Using creators to tell share their stories, essentially utilizing UGC in brand campaigns

TikTok audio guide

The case studies highlight how these different uses of audio can help to enhance campaigns, and why brands should be building with sound in mind as they map out their TikTok approach.

It’s an interesting consideration, and as noted, a significant shift for many, given that ‘sound off’ has long been the best way to maximize viewership and attention. But TikTok is different, and as such, it’s worth taking time to note this change in user behavior, and how that may apply to your content approaches in the app.

The guide also includes some pointers on how to include audio elements in your clips.

TikTok audio guide

It’s worth a look, and with many brands now planning for the holidays, TikTok will no doubt be a key focus.

You can download TikTok’s ‘The Power of Sound’ guide here.

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