TikTok Provides More Ways to Amplify Organic Content with Updated ‘Promote’ Tools

TikTok has added four new options to its quick Promote ad feature, which enables brands to essentially boost their posts via a simplified campaign creation process in-stream.

Originally launched in April 2021, Promote campaigns could originally be optimized for:

  • Video views
  • Website visits
  • TikTok follows

Now, brands will also be able to

  • Drive more visits to your TikTok page – TikTok’s added a new Promote goal focused on driving traffic back to your TikTok page, as opposed to your website
  • Get more messages from potential customers – Prompt more direct interaction in the app with a new ‘more messages’ Promote goal
  • Boost other creators’ content – Brands can also now use Promote to amplify content from creators that they’re working with. ‘Creators can also use Promote for others to give a boost to the content, creators and businesses they want the world to see.’
  • Target your audience by location Finally, TikTok’s also added location as another qualifier in its Promote targeting tools, providing more ways for SMBs, in particular, to reach relevant audiences in the app

TikTok Promote

As you can see in these examples, the Promote process takes you through a simplified set-up, which then adds a prominent CTA to your ad.

It could be an easy way to double-down on what’s working, by promoting your top organic clips, while the capacity to also promote creator clips could be another handy way to tap into trending content, and maximize your promotions.

Maybe that’s the way in you needed for TikTok ads, while it also adds more incentive for brands to create an organic presence, and test what works in the app.

You can learn more about TikTok’s new Promote options here.

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