TikTok Launches 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook to Assist in Campaign Planning

We’re midway through the year, which means that it’s time to start planning your holiday campaigns in order to ensure that you have everything in place to maximize your sales results this coming holiday season.

Yes, it’s still six months away, but nailing the lead-up is key, and in some cases, that means planting the seeds now, in order to reap the full benefits later in the year.

To help with this, TikTok has published its 2023 holiday marketing playbook, which includes a range of helpful insights and tips to ensure that your planning is on track, and that you’re ticking the boxes now to enhance response.

The 13-page guide includes a range of notes on TikTok as a product discovery platform, and how it’s influencing shopping behaviors.

TikTok Holiday Playbook 2023

There are also notes on the top hashtags to use, and key trends in the app.

TikTok Holiday Playbook 2023

TikTok also provides a range of guide notes and tips on how to maximize your holiday promotions, including step-by-step listings of all the key foundations.

TikTok Holiday Playbook 2023

There are also overviews of its ad products:

TikTok Holiday Playbook 2023

And calendar overlays for when you should be enacting each type of campaign.

TikTok Holiday Playbook 2023

It’s an interesting overview of what could be a key channel for your marketing and outreach this year. TikTok is arguably the most influential social platform of the moment, for younger audiences in particular, and as such, it is worth considering whether you should be using it within your holiday plans, and how you can do so to best effect.

And it’s worth a read either way, as it could help to get you thinking, not only about TikTok itself, but also about your broader holiday plans.

You can download TikTok’s ‘Holidays For You;’ playbook here.

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