TikTok Adds New Insights to its Creative Center Platform, Including Data on Key Trends and Influencers

Looking to get a better handle on TikTok, and the latest trends and shifts in the app?

This could be a big help – TikTok has added some new insights elements to its evolving Creative Center platform, which provide data on trending songs, hashtags, regional performance stats, key influencers and more.

 TikTok Creative Center

As you can see in these screenshots, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, the new insights provide significant research value, enabling marketers to dig deeper into top trends in the app.

For example, tap on the ‘See analytics’ prompt next to any song in this list and you’ll get a chart mapping out the popularity of that track over time, along with demographic insights as to which users are engaging with it, and their related interests.

 TikTok Creative Center

(As an aside, you should check out Kate Bush’s other tracks from this period, with a range of unusual stories being told in the lyrics – ‘Cloudbusting’ for example tells the story of a farmer seeking to make rain with a machine of his own invention.)

You can also look up trending hashtags, with the listings displaying popularity by region.

 TikTok Creative Center

While you can also get insights into how each trend is performing in different parts of the world, along with top creators aligned with each.

 TikTok Creative Center

The ‘Creators’ tab, meanwhile, shows the top influencers in the app by region.

 TikTok Creative Center

The advanced insights could be great for guiding your own TikTok content approach, and/or determining key influencers that you may want to work with to help amplify your campaigns. Or maybe, you just want to check in on the latest trends out of general interest, with a heap more info now available for your research needs.

As noted, these are the latest additions to TikTok’s Creative Center research platform, which also includes its handy Ad Library, showing top-performing ads in the app.

 TikTok Ad Library

TikTok also launched a new, interactive insights platform last month, which enables you to use a range of filters to discover key data points on your target market/s.

 TikTok Insights

In combination, there are now various options to dig into key TikTok trends, and develop a better understanding of what TikTok users are interested in, and engaging with, at any given time.

Definitely worth a look – you can check out TikTok’s Creative Center here.

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