Social Platforms Share Insights into Emoji Usage for World Emoji Day

Today is International Emoji Day, and to mark the occasion, Instagram and Twitter have shared some new emoji usage insights, which could help to get you thinking about your emoji use.

Because let’s face it, you use emojis. Virtually everyone now uses emoji response in some way, with emoji usage rising every year.

Emoji usage over time

Instagram has chosen to focus on sports with its Emoji Day insights, with the most popular sports emojis in the app based on usage in different regions.

Instagram emoji usage

Note that soccer actually comes out above all of these, and I would also suggest that the visual nature of the app also plays a part in which emojis are most used in each region.

I mean, I live in Australia, and I can tell you that surfing is not the most popular sport in the region.

Over on Twitter, the Twitter Business handle has shared its own display of its most used emojis.

Today is one of the most important social media holidays… #WorldEmojiDay ????

To celebrate, we wanted to share with you our most used emojis of 2022!

Share with us your 3 most used emojis ????

— Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) July 17, 2022

It’s interesting to consider which emojis are your own most used, and what that says about your presence. Though Twitter also has the advantage of being able to extract this data into a word cloud, which is not easy without API access – but you likely know which are your most used emojis via your own process.

In general, however, the most used emojis within tweets are the ‘crying’, ‘laughing while crying’ and ‘concerned’ faces.

Twitter 2021 Trends

Those trends shifted over the last year or so, with the pandemic causing a change in general sentiment. But in most cases, these are the most commonly used emoji characters.

Though if you want more specific perspective:

Emoji usage around the world

That’s a lot to take in, but you can find more region-specific notes and insight here.

And finally, adding a little more emoji usage insight, Emojipedia has also awarded its 2022 World Emoji Awards:

  • Most Popular New Emoji – Awarded to an emoji approved in 2020, the ‘Heart on Fire’ emoji came out on top
  • Most Anticipated Emoji – Users are apparently most looking forward to the ‘melting face’ emoji more than any other

Melting face emoji

  • Most 2021 Emoji – The syringe emoji was voted the most representative visual of 2021
  • Lifetime Achievement – The most used emoji, old or new, is the ‘Loudly Crying Face’, which, as per above, is also very popular on Twitter

It’s interesting to note the most used emojis, and how consistently they’ve appeared in such lists.

Either way, the bottom line is that emoji usage continues to rise, and if you haven’t considered using emoji in your social posts and content, these guides and notes may provide some perspective on just how you could consider going about it – and why you should.

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