Reddit Shares New Tips to Help SMBs Create More Resonant Reddit Ad Campaigns

May is National Small Business Month, and to mark the event, Reddit has shared some new Reddit ad tips for small businesses, with a specific focus on how you can translate your social copy from other platforms into a more Reddit-friendly format.

And while Reddit may not be the first platform that springs to mind for your promotions, it could offer significant opportunities, with reach to over 100,000 dedicated, active communities, spanning a broad range of niches, and frequented by over 57 million daily active users.

Conduct your research, and it could be a gold mine of insight and connective potential. But you do have to understand the nuances of the platform, and how to communicate your ads.

On this, Reddit has provided six key tips to maximizing connection with redditors.

1. Communicate your brand’s vision and value proposition’ 

Reddit says that brands need to keep entertainment value front of mind, while also being clear about what they’re selling, how to get it, and why. 

Reddit’s shared this example of how you’d translate a Facebook-like post into Reddit ads format.

 Reddit SMB advice

Reddit advises that SMBs should look to enhance their value proposition, and highlight special offers, via short-sharp copy.

2. ‘Don’t be too formal’

Reddit says that brands also need to ensure they speak the language of the relevant Reddit community they’re trying to reach.

“When people connect on Reddit, they speak to other Redditors using honest, direct, but (typically) friendly language. The same goes for brands on Reddit. Switch up your ads by making some edits and speak to Redditors like you’d speak to a knowledgeable friend – with an authentic and conversational tone that rings true to your brand.”

3. ‘Tweak copy to include humor or cultural references’

Reddit also notes that humor and cultural references are big winners in the app, and will help improve the appeal of your promotions.

 Reddit SMB advice

Humor can be a great ice breaker, especially if you’re trying to start a conversation or attract attention on Reddit. A well-timed, well-executed joke – particularly at your brand’s expense – can win you points literally and figuratively.”

Understanding the tone of the platform is key in this respect, which likely requires you to spend some time browsing through the relevant subreddits that you want to reach.

4. ‘Reddit like a Redditor this National Small Business Week’

That same advice carries over to this point – Reddit says that its users appreciate brands that get to know the platform and its communities.

Investing time in reading, and engaging, can be a big help in maximizing your on-platform promotions, and ensuring they hit the mark with your target audience.

5. ‘Experiment with longer headlines but don’t over do it’

Reddit says that headlines over 150 characters are generally less effective than shorter, more succinct copy.

 Reddit SMB advice

“It’s best to strategically pair shorter headlines with engaging creative assets to tell the full story. Avoid writing in title case where every word is capitalized, or overloading your headline with emojis. Finally, consider using your brand name in the headline.” 

6. ‘Strike a balance of copy and creative’

Finally, Reddit advises that using powerful, stand-out visuals is key to maximizing ad response in the app.

“Leverage the powerful combination of copy and assets to reinforce your message and bring it home with an image or video that complements your call to action. If it complements your brand, try using imagery or video that is light-hearted and humorous.”

These are some good notes, which could help you create better campaigns in the app, and connect with Reddit users. And again, while it may not be as big or popular as other social apps, what Reddit does have is very knowledgeable, engaged, and in many cases, influential users.

Connect with them, at the right time, with the right offer, and it could drive big long-term results.

You can read Reddit’s full SMB ad tips here.

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