Reddit Rolls Out Updates to Ads Manager, Including New Targeting and Creation Tools

As it continues to develop its ad business, and provide more considerations for ad partners, Reddit has announced a major update to its Ads Manager platform, which will make it easier for businesses to get started with their campaigns, and reach the right audiences in the app.

Reddit Ads sign up page

Courtesy of Reddit

First off, Reddit’s adding a new live chat element within Ads Manager, which will provide direct connection to Reddit’s support team for ad-related queries.

Yes, real, direct support, within a social media ad platform. Revolutionary, right?

Of course, Reddit’s serving far fewer ad clients than the bigger apps in the space, but it’s a valuable addition, which could help to get your Reddit campaigns on the right track.

Reddit’s also looking to provide assistance in setting up data tracking on your site, with a new Pixel Helper tool, which will provide guidance on how to integrate the Reddit Pixel to measure their campaign performance.

Reddit’s also made a number of updates to its Ads Manager UI, including:

  • Audience Manager – Reddit’s new Audience Manager tool enables advertisers to create, edit, delete, and reuse audiences across campaigns
  • Post Library – Reddit’s also added a new Post Library, which stores all of your ad creative in one place, making it easier to manage and re-use ad content
  • Edit Ads – Advertisers can now more easily update their existing ads in the ‘Edit Ad’ page, streamlining the process
  • Updated Performance Estimates – Reddit’s also redesigned its Estimates tool to provide advertisers with impression and click estimates for their ad group, along with estimated audience reach

Reddit’s made some UI tweaks as well, including updated navigation, a revamped sign-up page and refreshed metrics display.

Finally, Reddit’s expanded its targeting options:

“In response to advertiser demand, we have added over 1000 new targetable communities to the Reddit Ads Manager. This is part of an ongoing effort to open even more Reddit communities most relevant to a diverse set of advertisers.”

Reddit communities are highly engaged, and cover a broad range of topics, and having more of these audience groups as targeting options will provide greater capacity to reach the right people in the app with relevant campaigns and promotions.

And it may be worth considering. While Reddit doesn’t have the audience scope of some other apps (currently 50 million daily active users), Reddit does, according to research, provide stronger community benefits, outperforming all other apps in key aspects of community-building and engagement. Redditors are also open to brands engaging in relevant communities, which could provide new opportunities to connect with key audiences in the app.

And if you are considering Reddit ads, Reddit’s currently offering free advertising credit to test its latest ad tools and updates.

It could be worth considering, if not now, maybe as an experiment for 2023.

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