Pinterest Publishes its First Ever Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact Report

Pinterest has published its first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report, which outlines the company’s various efforts to address workforce diversity, product safety, environmental impact and internal governance.

The report also provides some interesting perspective on Pinterest’s usage and growth, beginning with this overview of key stats.

Pinterest ESG report

Pinterest saw steady growth in users throughout 2022, and as it expands into new regions, the company’s also keen to approach each with a measured, considered strategy, which factors in these various concerns.

The report looks at how Pinterest has strategized its ESG planning, and the key pillars of its process.

Pinterest ESG report

The report also looks at Pinterest’s own internal staffing approach, and how it’s tracking to its goals on diversity.

Pinterest ESG report

As well its environmental impact goals, and tracking data.

Pinterest ESG report

It’s an interesting look at how the company is addressing each element, which could provide a framework for your own approach, in mapping out a more specific, dedicated structure for meeting these key areas of concern.

Pinterest also details how it’s going about creating a ‘positive corner of the internet’ with the app, via its various policies and updates related to the user experience.

It’s good to see Pinterest making these elements a priority, and overall, it is making progress on each element, as it continues to grow and expand.

You can download Pinterest’s 30-page ESG Impact Report here

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