Pinterest Announces Wider Launch of its ‘Shuffles’ Visual Collage App

After initially launching its new ‘Shuffles’ visual collage app to selected users back in August, Pinterest is now making the app generally available, so that anybody can create their own artistic collages from Pinterest-originated images.

Pinterest Shuffles

As you can see in these example screens, Shuffles enables users to layer various photos of objects over each other in an artistic display, which can then be animated and/or set to music. Users can then share their creations in other apps, with the product images linked back to Pinterest to encourage more discovery activity.

Users can either select images sourced from Pinterest, or take their own, with Pinterest’s system them scanning Pinterest for similar objects.

As noted, the app was originally only made available to selected users, but even in limited release, it immediately sparked a trend among younger audiences.

As per TechCrunch:

“The app grew in popularity with Gen Z users, who used the creative expression tool to make “aesthetic” collages, sometimes set to music and posted to TikTok, or shared privately with friends or the Shuffles community. This resulted in Shuffles surging to become the No. 1 Lifestyle app on the US App Store in August.”

It’s since declined in popularity, but that initial surge could point to opportunity, which could help to further promote Pinterest use, if there is broader interest.

And the images you can create are interesting, while the linkage back to actual products that people can buy is another variation on the artistic theme, which adds another aspect to the process.

It could be a good way for Pinterest to reach a broader audience, and encourage more use. Pinterest itself has seen a resurgence of late, as more users come to the app for product discovery, and the Shuffles process seems like a good complement to regular Pin engagement, in alignment with emerging usage trends.

You can download Shuffles in the respective app stores from today.

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