Meta Publishes New Video Planning Guide for Marketers


Video is the most engaging content format on social media, with short-form video quickly rising as the key communication and connection medium, across virtually all networks.

That means that you need to be integrating video into your digital marketing strategy, and if you’re looking for how to get started, and how to build out an effective video approach, this new guide from Meta is for you.

Meta has published a new ‘Video Planning and Buying Guide’, which covers how to establish a video marketing process, how Meta’s video options can enhance your current marketing plan, an overview of available video formats ad tools, and more.

You can download the full, 31-page guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key points.

The main focus of the guide is Meta’s 3-step video planning guide, which takes you through the process of establishing your video strategy.

reseller Meta video marketing guide

As you can see here, the guide provides guidance on how to use Meta’s various video promotion options in your process, dependent on your goals.

That framework then points you to the next stage of the guidebook, with sections looking at how to make best use of Facebook video ads:

reseller Meta video marketing guide

Along with FAQs on video ad approaches:

reseller Meta video marketing guide

There’s also an overview of how Facebook video ads can complement your existing strategy:

reseller Meta video marketing guide

And how to create a more comprehensive, focused video promotions outline, based on these key elements. There are also case study examples of each of these processes in action.

The guide also provides an overview of Facebook’s various video formats, and ad options for each.

reseller Meta video marketing guide

Which, importantly, includes Reels ads, and how you can tap into the rising short-form video trend to maximize your reach and resonance.

reseller Meta video marketing guide

There are some handy notes here, which could help to point you in the right direction with your Facebook video strategy. And while Instagram and TikTok are clearly a bigger focus in terms of short-form video content, Facebook still has the broadest audience reach, and it could be worth experimenting with the various tools on offer to see how video can augment your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Some potentially valuable considerations either way. You can download Meta’s ‘Video Planning and Buying Guide’ here

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