Meta Announces 2022 Creator Week Event, Which Will Focus on Reels Creators

Meta has announced the line-up for its second Creator Week event, which will include a combination of IRL and online presentations, panels, displays and more, to be held in the first week of November this year.

 Meta Creator Week

The event is designed to help creators better understand how to use Facebook and Instagram tools to build a presence, and monetize their work.

As explained by Meta:

We’re committed to helping creators grow their community and make a living on our platforms. As we work toward the metaverse, our investments aim to empower creators with the cutting-edge tools, education and resources needed to build creative and financial success – now and in the future.

Because Meta knows that, if it really wants its metaverse to be a success, it’ll need cutting-edge creators to be contributing to its evolving VR worlds – because while Meta’s own, in-house creative and design teams are great, it’s the participation of artists from across a broader spectrum that truly build the most immersive and engaging experiences.

That’s why Snap remains the leader in the AR space, because it’s built a better platform for collaboration and creation, and with Meta looking to use Horizon Worlds as a bridge into the metaverse space, that’s likely to be the key focus of its next-level presentations at the event.

Last year’s Creator Week event was more Instagram-specific, but with Reels now becoming a bigger part of the Facebook ecosystem as well, this new Creator Week event will take on a broader focus, and will feature a range of platform stars, from across both apps, who’ll provide insights into their creative and business process.

Those creators will include @karenxcheng whose ever-inventive use of Reels has made her a leader in the field – and earned her over 1.2 million followers on IG – along with @kelladactyl, who’s also used creative content approaches to become one of the top Reels stars.

Meta says that its IRL ‘Reels-spiring’ Creator Week activations (how is ‘reels-spiring a play on ‘inspiring’?) will be held in Bali, São Paulo, London, and Delhi.

Delhi, in particular, is a big focus, because with TikTok out of the picture in India, due to a Government ban, Reels has been given more room to grow, which has seen it become a key video option for emerging Indian creators.

People will also be able to tune into Creator Week events and recaps via @Creators on IG and the Meta for Creators Page on Facebook.

And it could be worth tuning in – already, Reels makes up 20% of all time spent on IG, and Meta is clearly very keen to get more people consuming Reels content, however it can, in both apps.

Leaning into Reels, then, could be a smart choice for your marketing efforts, and maybe, picking up a couple of tips and notes at Creator Week could give you a new perspective on your options.

You can learn more about Creator Week 2022 here.

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