Messenger Adds ‘Group Invite Links’ to Streamline Group Chat Connection

Messenger has added a new feature called Group Invite Links, which, as it sounds, gives group admins the capacity to quickly and easily invite people to Messenger group chats.

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As you can see in this example, posted by new Messenger chief Loredana Crisan, the new option will enable admins to share links to their Messenger group chats, which could be great for kicking off fresh communities for class parents and study groups as we head into the new school year.

As explained by Messenger:

“The highly requested feature will make it easier than ever to connect with family, friends and communities, eliminating the need to search for and add group members individually. With invite links, admins remain in control of the group chat experience – only the admin can turn the group link on or off, and they have the option to “approve” new members.”

Messenger Group Invite Links  Messenger Adds ‘Group Invite Links’ to Streamline Group Chat Connection bG9jYWw6Ly8vZGl2ZWltYWdlL21lc3Nlbmdlcl9ncm91cF9pbnZpdGVfbGlua3MzLnBuZw

It could be an easy way to help maximize the Messenger group chat experience, with quick and easy links to let people into the chat.

That could also have brand use, in inviting people to exclusive communities, where you could reveal new product info, or call on them for input into new designs. That could help to build stronger bonds with key community members, which can be a great way to maximize brand awareness and presence.

Either way, it’s a valuable addition – while Meta also notes that the option will be available for group chats on Instagram:

“In addition to the share sheet, group admins on Instagram also have the option to share a group link via Stories using the Join Chat Sticker.” 

To turn on and share group invite links on Messenger:

  1. If you’re an admin, navigate to the thread details for any group chat
  2. Under “Chat info”, tap the “Invite Link” entry point
  3. Toggle on “Invite Link” to activate it
  4. Decide how you want to share it – copy the link or select an option on share sheet
  5. Recipients can then click the link and join the chat

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