LinkedIn Shares New Insights into the Growth of ‘Creator’ Job Postings [Infographic]


You enjoy posting on social media, and seeing the engagement that comes with it, and with social platforms being part of your life since forever, you’re probably pretty good at such by now.

But could you actually make a living as a ‘creator’, through partnerships with brands and in-stream ad tools across the various apps?

As you might expect, creators are currently in high demand, with new data from LinkedIn showing that job postings for creators have almost tripled since 2021.

As per LinkedIn:

With social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook leading the way, job opportunities in the creator economy are most abundant in the technology and information sectors, LinkedIn data shows. And that reflects a hiring wave that extends well beyond the on-camera stars that brighten our news feeds.”

Another growth element in this respect is admin and support roles for creative talent, as more brands look to partner with these new stars on their campaigns.

And it’s not just in the common trending realms where creators are getting attention.

Earlier waves of creators (and their more strident cousins, known as “influencers”) tended to concentrate in flashy industries such as fashion, pop music or luxury travel. But as this new chart from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team shows, US economic sectors across the board are eager to put creators to work.

That could open up new opportunities for you to explore your passions, and build a presence, that could ultimately become your key career path.

Check out the full listing of creator insights from LinkedIn below.

smm LinkedIn Creator Economy

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