LinkedIn Publishes 2022 ‘State of Sales’ Report, Looking at Key Trends in Sales Performance


LinkedIn has published the 2022 edition of its State of Sales report, which looks at emerging trends among buyers and sellers, and how the most successful outreach managers are optimizing their performance.

LinkedIn will publish eight different regional variations of the report over the next week, incorporating responses from some 15,000 buyers and sellers around the world.

The US and UK editions are available right now (at this link), and in this post we’ll take a look at the US data, and what it says about the latest shifts.

First off, the report looks at how sales managers are using tech platforms, like CRM tools and sales intelligence platforms, to optimize their outreach.

reseller LinkedIn State of Sales 2022

As you can see here, sales managers that make use of the tech tools available are driving significantly better results, which underlines the need to both seek out and learn the best options for your business.

The data also shows that sales managers that work more closely with their marketing departments see improved performance.

The report also looks at remote work trends, and how sellers are evolving, with overall responses showing strong preference for at least part-time out-of-office operation.

reseller LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2022

Which seems a little strange for sales managers, who’ve long held that face-to-face engagement is a critical element. That may still be true, but increasingly, sales managers are finding that they’re able to do the majority of their work remote, with advanced connection tools now facilitating more opportunities to showcase products and services via digital means.

Which points to the next element – how LinkedIn can help:

reseller LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2022

The results show that LinkedIn plays a key role in maximizing sales opportunities – which, given it’s a LinkedIn report, is not unexpected. But still, the more in-depth analysis of exactly how LinkedIn can help underlines the platform’s value as a business connection tool, which could help to optimize your selling workflow.

There are some interesting notes, and the addition of regional reports could provide invaluable insight for many buyers and sellers across the globe.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s 2022 State of Sales report here, while the other regional reports will be made available throughout the week at this link (with email sign-up).

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