LinkedIn Integrates More Buyer Intent Signals into Sales Navigator Alerts

LinkedIn has added some new elements to its Sales Navigator business dashboard, which will provide more insight into potential leads based on your existing client lists, along with new product interest insights that factor in LinkedIn activity.

First off, LinkedIn’s added a new ‘Account Hub’ functionality, which will prioritize your buyer listings based on various data points.

As outlined in the video, LinkedIn’s Account Hub will sort your existing buyer info in order to highlight potential opportunities, based on a range of factors. Account Hub will also show you opportunities to connect with account holders aligned with their relative LinkedIn activity.

As per LinkedIn:

As a seller, you can log into Account Hub daily to keep updated on economic changes happening at your target accounts and plan which accounts to focus on based on our proprietary customer-level buyer intent data. Leverage filters like ‘growth alerts’ or ‘high and moderate buyer intent’ to see which accounts are showing signals that they’re an excellent opportunity to pursue.”

It could be a powerful way to tap into new leads, and maximize sales performance, by using key signals, sorted by LinkedIn’s system, to prompt action on profiles.

LinkedIn’s also integrating its ‘Product Category Intent’ info into its Sales Navigator, which will show you which products a potential buyer has shown interest in based on their LinkedIn activity.

For example, if a prospective buyer has visited several product info pages in a certain category, Product Category Intent will highlight that potential customer in your Sales Navigator display, which could help you tap into more opportunities.

LinkedIn says that the system utilizes a range of signals like this to identify buyer intent, with the back-end system working to show you the best opportunities as they arise.

LinkedIn’s also adding similar buying intent signals into its Search filters, while it’s also integrating more purchase interest signals into its Sales Navigator alerts.

The following new activities will be visible in the Buyer Activity section on Account Pages and in the new Account Hub:

  • Website visits: Sellers at companies with the LinkedIn Insights Tag installed on their corporate websites will see the general profile of visitors to their corporate website.
  • New connections to colleagues: See the identity of new LinkedIn connections to other Sales Navigator sellers and TeamLink users on your contract.”

LinkedIn’s also adding more capacity to its auto-save functionality, which will provide more capacity to edit your CRM listings.

Sales Navigator is a higher-end sales solution, which costs around $100 per month (depending on the package you choose), so it’s not for all businesses. But it could be a valuable tool to help maximize your sales opportunities, based on LinkedIn data and activity.

And these new additions are good enhancements. If you’ve ever considered spending on the platform, it could be worth taking a look at the latest Sales Navigator features, and how LinkedIn is integrating more processes and AI sorting tools to highlight opportunities.

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