LinkedIn Expands Streamlined ‘Boost’ Ad Option to LinkedIn Events


LinkedIn’s expanding its streamlined ‘Boost’ ad option, with users now able to pay to amplify their LinkedIn event listings via the Boost process in the app.

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LinkedIn initially launched its ‘Boost’ option last year, providing a simple, quick way to amplify organic posts in the app.

Much like Facebook’s Boost process, the feature aims to simplify ad spend, helping marketers capitalize on early traction to expand their messaging.

As per LinkedIn:

With the click of a button and a few payment details, you can easily give your most engaging or time-sensitive content a little boost to quickly expand your audience reach. Thousands of Pages used boosting in the past year to get their content in front of the professionals who matter the most to their businesses.”

Now, you can use the same for your LinkedIn Events.

“To get started, click on the Boost button on the Events page, select your target audience, set the campaign schedule and budget, and enter payment information. This will create an event ad that appears in the LinkedIn feed of professionals that you have selected as your target audience. The ad will feature key dates, location, and information on how to join the event.”

LinkedIn will provide advertisers with insights into how many members clicked on or saw your boosted event ad, and/or registered for your event. 

It’s a fairly straightforward ad option, designed to bring in more ad dollars for LinkedIn through simplified amplification in-stream.

Though how effective it is will be relative to each event, and how much you’re willing to pay to ‘boost’ your messaging.

Events have proven to be a winner on LinkedIn, with more than 24,000 events created in the app every week. The ongoing pandemic mitigation measures, and the increasing functionality of online video have ushered in a new age of the virtual meet-up, which has presented significant opportunity for LinkedIn to play a central in the next stage of industry conferences and functions, via its evolving tools.

Of course, many are still keen to get back to in-person functions, which are slowly making a comeback as well. But the work from home shift also means that many people have become accustomed to remote access, which sets the stage for LinkedIn to capitalize on that interest with its event tools.

Boosting provides another element in this respect, with the capacity to reach more professionals with your functions, and maximize interest.

Could be worth considering in your approach.  

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