LinkedIn Announces ‘Talent Connect’ 2022 Conference

After a two-year, COVID-induced hiatus, LinkedIn will hold its Talent Connect event again this October, where it will showcase a range of expert insights on the state of recruitment, along with LinkedIn-specific trends, updates and more.

LinkedIn Talent Connect

As explained by LinkedIn:

For the first time since 2019, LinkedIn’s premier event for global leaders and practitioners across the talent lifecycle will be bringing our community together and shaping what the future of work will look like. This year’s reimagined event will feature both a virtual broadcast that’s open to all (watch from home or office or while you’re on the go) and an exclusive in-person summit for senior industry leaders. Both audiences will be able to watch keynote addresses from an inspiring cast of speakers, including LinkedIn’s CEO Ryan Roslansky and chief economist Karin Kimbrough.”

With a roster of 50 speakers to present over the two days, Talent Connect will be a must-attend for those in the HR sector, while those not directly working in HR may also benefit from tuning into insights from LinkedIn’s team, which will include updates to its job listing and search tools, and other elements.  

The main schedule is focused on six key areas:

  • Leading with Skills First
  • Connecting people to opportunity
  • Empowering people’s career growth
  • Embracing diversity, equity, & inclusion
  • Cultivating people-centric cultures
  • Exploring what’s possible with emerging tech

Virtual attendees will be able to get a good sense of the full experience, with much of the content being broadcast online – though there will, as LinkedIn notes, be in-person exclusive content also, so you won’t be able to view everything from your home PC.

Still, it could be worth checking out – and again, if you’re working in HR, the insights and notes are likely to be hugely valuable in mapping out your approach to future recruitment strategies.

You can view the full schedule of events here, while LinkedIn has also posted this overview of the plan.

LinkedIn Talent Connect

You can learn more about Talent Connect here.

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