How to create your own SMM panel

Creating your smm panel can sound quite intimidating for beginners – but to think of it, it is an amazing way to grow your business and be your own boss. Gone are the days where you had to follow a schedule and stick to someone else’s orders. Just follow these simple steps, and you too can create your own smm panel.

Create your Website

The first step towards creating your smm panel involves creating your website. You can either design or code your website. Building a website might be easy for anyone having an IT background, but if you are a non-IT individual, you still can create a website using a pre-made coding system. Get a domain name for your site and pay for your domain name as well as your hosting service. If you are not a programmer we strongly recommend using Perfect Panel as your platform, it already has everything you need to create a successful smm panel easily and with no code!

Get Paid Advertisements

Without the use of paid advertisement, your smm panel isn’t adjusted. Though it is a challenging task you need to make the requisite efforts to make sure your smm panel stands out. Your posting paid advertisements over social media campaigns, but keep this in mind don’t post this ad on the same server.


Once the client’s site gets ranked by Google, then you get a bunch of followers, comments, and likes. Similarly, while making your smm panel, you need to make sure that your smm panel site attracts the people looking for this kind of service. The smm panel growth would increase automatically when you are performing Search Engine Optimization.

 Check Your Competitors

Competition can go either positive or negative in the smm world. There are different smm panels available in the market that have a script for attracting an audience so that people can get services. For making ranks and get the best smm panel, it is necessary to check the competitor’s panel to search for the pain points and design it.

Create Strategies

Create some strategies that are different from other panels of smm. For doing this, you can build an efficient script and then sell the services at affordable costs to make it affordable for the audience. What’s more, as you achieve the target audience, you can proceed further for some updates. The strategy might assist you in getting some referrals from the already existing clients. Therefore, it can act as another top that you can note prior to creating your smm panel for your audience. These were some of the tips using which you can create your own smm panel.

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