Facebook Adds Video Display Elements to Marketplace Listings


Facebook has added a new element to Marketplace, with sellers now able to include video within their listings, and users able to request a video to assist in their purchase decision.

review Facebook Marketplace video

As per Facebook:

We’ve recently enabled video on Marketplace, allowing sellers to record or upload a video to their listings so you can buy with confidence! While photos can help you know what an item looks like, what size it may be, and any issues or defects it might have, video can give you 360-degree views of an item, greater proof that the item a seller has listed is what they say it is, and that they actually have the item on hand making the buying process smoother and safer.”

The capacity will help to expand the utility of Marketplace, which could make it an even more significant destination for shoppers and bargain hunters.

Meta’s had trouble integrating eCommerce into its platforms, with live shopping and shopping on IG failing to take-off, despite repeated attempts. As part of the company’s most recent cost-cutting drive, it’s significantly scaled back those programs, but Marketplace continues to be a valuable element.

Back in 2021, Meta reported that Marketplace was being used by a billion people, which, at the time, was around 400% more than those using Facebook and IG shops. The capacity to connect with local buyers and sellers has been a winner for the platform, and while there are still some angst-ridden back-and-forth exchanges over items, it’s clearly still delivering good levels of engagement.

Meta’s sought to expand on this, by integrating ads and product listings from brands, and it could be that, eventually, Marketplace becomes the central eCommerce focus in the app, especially as younger users, who are more accustomed to online shopping, move into higher spending brackets.

Video listings will also help – and maybe, Facebook will eventually integrate Reels and Marketplace, as it looks to expand this element.

Facebook says that it’s now encouraging all sellers to add videos to their listings, and share videos with buyers, as a means to improve the Marketplace process.

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